Email Settings

These settings should be the same, regardless of which software package you use to access your email:

Username = your email address
Password = your email password
IMAP incoming server = mail.YOURDOMAINNAME.COM (i.e.
IMAP port 993
SMTP outgoing server = mail.YOURDOMAINNAME.COM (i.e.
SMTP port 465
Use same password as incoming server for authentication

iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Depending on your iOS version, certain steps may vary slightly, but should be very similar.

  1. Settings
  2. Mail
  3. Accounts
  4. Add Account
  5. Other
  6. Add Mail Account
  7. Add details as required then next
  8. Add incoming AND outgoing server details as above (even if iOS says optional)
  9. Next
  10. Cannot verify server -> Details
  11. Trust
  12. Cannot verify server -> Details
  13. Trust
  14. Save
  15. Open your Mail app to begin downloading messages/folders
  16. Settings
  17. Mail
  18. Accounts
  20. Account
  21. Advanced
  22. Sent mailbox -> On the server, Sent
  23. Advanced
  24. Deleted mailbox -> On the server, Trash
  25. Advanced
  26. Account
  27. Done

Android (Android based smartphones and tablets, such as Samsung, Google, HTC)

Depending on your Android version, certain steps may vary slightly, but should be very similar.

  1. Find the Email app
  2. Look for options to add an account (if you don't have an account already set up, it may simply ask you to add one automatically)
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Enter your password
  5. Tap Manual setup
  6. Select IMAP account
  7. Incoming server settings:
    1. Email address = your email address
    2. Username = your email address
    3. Password = your password
    4. IMAP server = server details as above
    5. Security type = SSL
    6. Port = 993
    7. Next
  8. Outgoing server settings:
    1. SMTP server = server details as above
    2. Security type = SSL
    3. Port = 465
    4. Require sign in = Tick
    5. Username = your email address
    6. Password = your password
    7. Next
  9. Email frequency = your choice
  10. Notify when new mail arrives = your choice
  11. Next
  12. Account name = SOMETHING MEMORABLE
  13. Your name = YOUR NAME - COMPANY NAME
  14. Done

Thunderbird (Windows/Mac/Linux app)

Depending on your Thunderbird version, certain steps may vary slightly, but should be very similar.

  1. If you don’t have Mozilla Thunderbird already, start at step 2. If you already have it, go straight to step 4
  2. Open a web browser and visit
  3. Download the free download to your PC and install as you normally would any other application
  4. Open Thunderbird. Go to step 5 if this is your first email account, step 6 if you already have an account set up in Thunderbird
  5. If this is your first email setup, select to use Thunderbird as your default email application and set up using your own existing email address
  6. If you already have an account in Thunderbird, go to Tools -> Accounts Settings -> Account Actions -> Add Mail Account
  7. Your name: YOUR NAME - YOUR COMPANY
  8. Email address: your email address
  9. Password: your password
  10. Continue
  11. Done
  12. Scroll down the list of accounts and find YOUREMAIL@YOURDOMAIN.CO.UK
  13. Server settings
  14. Server settings -> Advanced
  15. IMAP server directory: INBOX
  16. OK
  17. OK
  18. Exit Thunderbird completely
  19. Open Thunderbird
  20. If your folders (if applicable) aren’t visible at any time, simply press the arrow next to your email address to collapse the list of folders and then again to refresh and expand

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