Google Mobile Friendly Drupal Websites

Optimising your website for smartphones, mobile devices, laptops and desktops ensures that your users get the very best experience online, and also makes sure that search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, give you the kudos you deserve when it comes to ranking your site in their search results.

Optimise Your Drupal Website For Mobiles

Looks great on mobiles. Gets you higher on Google

In 2015, Google have made some big changes to the way that websites are ranked on their search engines to ensure that people using their services find websites that are easy to view and use on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles. That is why they have released the Google Mobile Friendly update. The basics behind this update are to make sure that your website is clear and easy to use for devices with smaller screens as well as larger ones. So why should you update?

  • 94%* of people who use a smartphone, use it for local web searches
  • Users who have to 'pinch' their screens can become frustrated
  • Mobile friendly sites will load faster for the visitor to your site
  • 77%* of mobile searches are made at home
  • Being Mobile Friendly means your website is listed higher on Google

* Statistics based on Google research for USA users

Jemford Web Design websites Google Mobile Friendly
Jemford Web Design websites Google Mobile Friendly

Is having a Mobile Friendly website right for you?

The simple answer is YES, it definitely is for you. As well as making it easier for your potential customers and visitors to use your site, enhance their experience and keep them active on your site for longer (that's worth it in itself, right?), making your website Google Mobile Friendly will mean that your site will be listed higher on Google for searches made on a mobile device. For instance, if someone wants to find a 'car hire company in Birmingham', and uses their mobile device to search for it (don't forget, 94% are done this way), if your website is Mobile Friendly, you have a MUCH better chance of being listed right at the top for that search, which means more clients and customers.

  • More traffic and visitors to your site!
  • Higher on Google!
  • Happier visitors to your site, more likely to buy!

How does it work? We will simply update your site, so that your current site passes this Google Mobile Friendly test, without having to rebuild at high costs. We simply optimise it for mobile devices. Your current site will continue working exactly as it is now, just BETTER! You won't need to do any extra work or duplicate content, the site will carry on doing everything for you.

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Content management systems by Drupal

Content Management (CMS)

SEO friendly, technophobe friendly

Having a website needn't be a daunting prospect. You should be able to edit and add to your site quickly and easily. That's why all of our projects are created using a Content Management System. This means that you don't need to swallow a manual to work with your site, everything is designed so that even a novice feels comfortable.

eCommerce solutions using Drupal and uBercart

eCommerce Website Solutions

Easy to manage, safe to sell

If you are looking to sell your products online, an eCommerce solution offers all the ease of use that a CMS brings, along with options for secure transactions. Our eCommerce packages allow integration with a wide range of payment gateways such as PayPal, Worldpay, CardSave, SagePay and many more, allowing you to choose the method that suits you.

Websites which work on all devices and internet browsers

Cross Browser Compatible

Pixel perfect, whatever the device

Looking great on your computer is one thing, but making sure your website looks perfect on everyone elses is what's most important. With a wide selection of browsers and devices, it is easy to over look small imperfections. At Jemford Design, we test your site across a selection of popular platforms to make sure your website always looks its best.

Expand your website as you grow

Bolt On Expansion Made Easy

Integrate new features as you go

Many people worry that they must get everything done in one big push when creating a website and fear the financial outlay it will bring. With Jemford Design, your website can start as small as an acorn and grow with your business by simply 'bolting on' new features as you need them or as finances allow, without worrying about huge extra costs.

Lightning fast, UK based web hosting at Jemford

UK Based Web Hosting

99.9% uptime on fast UK servers

If you decide to work with Jemford Web Design, you are safe in the knowledge that your first years hosting is covered, for free. You will also be comforted by the fact that we only use UK based, lightning fast servers to host your site and email. Our hosting providers offer first class service and excellent uptime reliability meaning your site is in good hands.

Excellent customer service and value for money at Jemford Web Design

Jemford Value & Service

No hidden costs, excellent service

With us, you know there are no hidden monthly fees waiting around the corner to bite you. Our philosophy is simple, you only pay when we work. We are always on hand to offer advice when needed, and always provide a quote before we undertake any project. Jemford has a reputation of excellent results and importantly, customer satisfaction.

"I must say how delighted I am with the website creation of Stuart. He came highly recommended initially and has lived up to every expectation. Stuart has all the skills needed, is quick with responding to all my requests for help and is full of ideas. We've implemented all his suggestions with building our substantial list of over 15,000 wedding planners, and from this we have made tens of thousands from it. We had other website designers who told us some of our ideas were impossible, but within minutes - literally, Stuart had created our idea and it was online. The whole experience is amazing and I would recommend anyone looking for a professional website solution to use Jemford Web Design Solihull."